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Join us for a FREE Six Sigma Informational Seminar!

Join us for one of our free seminars that are happening throughout the state of Ohio. Lean and Six Sigma began as separate methodologies with their unique tool sets. Over time, they have been merged into a common problem solving methodology. This seminar will introduce the concepts of both Lean and Six Sigma – their differences and their similarities. You can choose. What’s right for you?

Here are a list of dates and times of our available classes. Contact us today because spots are filling up quickly!

Creating a Culture for Change

Major change does not happen easily for a long list of reasons. Addressing issues within the organizational culture is an essential component for bringing about lasting, positive change.

The organizational culture, formed through years of interaction between the participants in the organization, may be steeped in change-resistant tradition or reflect a flexibility and openness to change. 

Leaders have a major role in the creation of an effective corporate culture, from the people they hire to the strategy and vision they communicate.  Only as stakeholders realize the important role the organization’s culture plays in its success and progress can necessary change can occur.

This presentation will focus on:

  • How to alter the status quo
  • How to lay the groundwork for a change culture
  • The emotions that accompany change
  • Mistakes leaders make

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Lean Six Sigma Overview

Lean. Six Sigma. Are they the same? What is the difference? Which is appropriate for my organization?

Lean and Six Sigma are widely recognized problem solving methodologies. Let us help you understand the differences as well as the commonalities.

Lean improves efficiency and reduces the cycle time of processes by focusing on value. Lean goes beyond the manufacturing floor to offices, restaurants, and healthcare.

Offices utilize the principles of Lean to reduce cycle times of paper processes. Restaurants improve the flow and efficiency of their services through Lean. Healthcare has utilized Lean to simplify processes in order to serve the public better. The principles can be applied to any type of industry.

You may have heard words such as Kaizen Events or Rapid Improvement Events. These are associated with focused Lean improvement efforts in a targeted area.

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